Ultimate Guest Experience.

All managed by you from anywhere in the cloud.

Reduce Traffic at Reception

Mobile Reception

AMADEO Mobile Reception is an app with the power of a reception desk, and requires NO PROPRIETARY HARDWARE.

This means that reception operations are no longer limited to the designated area. For example, you can create pop-up receptions in no time at different locations when expecting a high-volume check-in, e.g., when hosting conferences.

Online Check-in

Do not ask your guests to stop at the reception to fill out their info and collect their keys. Send them a key via E-mail/SMS, and get notified when they enter their room for the first time.

With AMADEO Online Check-in, your guests will fill out their info online, and receive their key via E-mail/SMS when you assign their room, e.g., 2 hours before check-in.

On-door Check-in

Keys are revalidated automatically when users tap them on the AMADEO access hardware. 

Therefore, people who have specific cards, such as your loyalty member guests or staff, no longer need to come to the reception area to revalidate/ update their keys. This is also true for guests whose reservation is modified during their stay.

Unlock With Your Smart Device.

Apple/Android Wallet

Operable on smart phones and watches, your guests don’t even need to unlock their phones. They simply tap their devices on the locks and enter.

MySkyAccess Lite

AMADEO SkyAccess Lite is a progressive web app that allows guests to open their room and other locations, without having to download and app. Furthermore, it offers a central point of communication with your guests. Via MySkyAccess, guests can discover and request all your services, chat with the reception, and receive updates and notifications.

MySkyAccess Native

 AMADEO offers a native app suitable for frequent or long stay guests.

As in the PWA, guests can discover and request all your services, chat with the reception, and receive updates and notifications.


Premium Access Control Hardware

AMADEO Electronic Locks

AMADEO locks are timeless, reliable, and elegant, and have an adaptive design to match any style. 

AMADEO electronics are suitable for both new builds and retrofit situations, covering existing holes without the need of cover plates, and in most cases, can be installed over existing mortise locks.

With a battery life of up to 5 years and spring loaded lever handles, AMADEO locks are extremely low maintenance and have a low cost of ownership.

In addition, all AMADEO locks are online ready.

AMADEO Access Managers

As part of any offline or online system, AMADEO  Access Managers are suitable for high-traffic locations such as main entrances, parking areas, elevators, event rooms, etc.

They are Ethernet / POE plug’n play ready, and can be installed on both inside and outside of the property.

AMADEO Access Managers can be integrated with many other building systems such as Elevators and Parking Systems.


Back and Front Office Management


AMADEO IntegrA is a cloud-based solution, which is the central point for managing the property’s access control needs such as the locking plan, users, monitoring and key management. 

The system can be managed from anywhere inside or outside the property.


The AMADEO Operating System (AOS) is a powerful multi-property access control management tool, designed for businesses with multiple properties such as hotel chains or management groups.

The big data retrieved from all properties is an excellent tool to improve and streamline operations,  make data-driven decisions, evaluate marketing strategies, and generate revenue.